Grow Your Yoga | 28 Day Challenge & Fundraiser

Every year, all Modo studios around the world come together for GrowYourYoga to raise awareness and funds for a global cause. Committed to environmental consciousness and community outreach, our collective community has raised over $850,000 to support some amazing organizations. This year we are sweating to protect our Earth’s trees.

For the months of March + April, all Karma funds (by donation classes) will go to support The David Suzuki Foundation and their critical work in protecting our forests. Big sweaty hugs in advance for joining us as we commit to taking our yoga off the mat and making big, positive shifts in the world. Together, all things are possible.

Who’s with us?! Get involved by signing up for our 28 Day Yoga Challenge!

Here’s How:

  1. Make a $10 Donation
  2. Purchase your DISCOUNTED One Month Unlimited Membership. (Already have an unlimited membership? You’re one step ahead!).
  3. Write your name on our challenge board (in studio)
  4. Mark your calendar to start April 1st & keep track of your progress by marking your daily practices on the challenge board.

Why You Should Sign Up:

  1. Sweat for a good cause
  2. Start a healthy daily habit
  3. It’s challenging, rewarding and you will FEEL the benefits
  4. Connect with fellow Yogi’s and community

Not Sure The 28 Day Challenge Is For You? Make a $10 Donation for a good cause!