Shake Your Soul | Yoga Dance

April 13th | 2-3pm

Early Bird $25 | $30 As of April 10th

Yoga Dance is an approach to body and spirit fitness, through the medium of dance and music.  With our bodies being largely made up of water that is always in a natural state of movement, WE ARE MOVEMENT at our core.

Yoga Dance uses music to awaken our bodies’ energy and inherent rhythms, releasing tension and stress stored within our body centres through fluid movement.

Students are invited to follow the instructor, and attune to their own creative impulses and soul-inspired movements.  Hearing the music with your ears, feeling the music with your soul, and moving to the music with your body.

In finding the joy of dance, we connect to the very core of what is healing.

Hosted By Jill Ferras

Jill has been a Full Time Primary Care Paramedic with the Region of Peel for 15 years and recently completed her level 1 & 2 EFT (tapping) training in July 2017. 

She is a lover of all things holistic, which lead her to become a Plant Based Cooking Instructor in 2014, and Moksha Certified Yoga Teacher in 2015.

As a paramedic she sees first hand the negative impacts of neglecting ones body and mind. Her studies in Paramedicine, Yoga and Energy Medicine solidified for her the need to balance our Mind, Body and Spirits to live our most peaceful and authentic life.

Having healed her own anxiety and depression using holistic techniques and Energy medicine, her goal is to support and empower others along their journeys to health and wellness.   Jill creates a personalized and supportive, one on one space for her clients where they can reconnect with their true self to heal and grow.